Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What Keeps Me Going

10 months ago, I started sharing my travels after my friends who believed in me, kept pushing me to do so.

4 months ago, I started working and juggling gym, nights out, house chores, wife duties, and blog posts. It has been hectic, and the blog posts get sacrificed.

2 months ago, I received a message from my friend that she painted one of my pictures from Cruising in Malta. She said she was inspired. 

But you know.. I was even more inspired! :)

"Your painting is beautiful, Cindy! 
Thank you :)
Keep painting, and I will keep writing. 
Love, Jamie"

Painting of Malta by Cindy Hernandez
St. Julien's, Malta by Cindy Hernandez

Check out the original picture here: Cruising in Malta

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