Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Letter No. 9 - Get Well Soon

Dear Lance,

Daddy and Mommy were so excited to celebrate our first new year with you.. seeing lights at the malls.. meeting cousins for dinner.. watching fireworks at midnight..

But sadly, none of these happened :(

Jessie Villegas Family Portrait Capturing Smiles Photography

We wish we could write a better story about your first new year.. but the truth is..
We spent the new year's eve at the emergency room.. and another day at the doctor's clinic..
You fell ill with fever, sore throat, cough and cold the moment we arrived in Manila.. and it has been breaking our hearts to see you try to smile but cry in pain everyday..

Sweetheart, there are a lot of things and places we want you to see.. and friends we want you to meet this weekend..

Jessie Villegas Family Portrait Capturing Smiles Photography

We miss our super active baby.. We miss our slightly chubby baby.. We miss our very happy baby so much..

Please get well soon our love..

Daddy and Mommy


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