Monday, July 17, 2017

Letter No. 29 - Kiss My Chubby Foot

Dear Lance,

Your feet are sooo cute..

Baby Nemo Swimming Pool

They make us gigil..

Daddy and Mommy can't get enough of them!

Baby in Carter's Pajama Kissed by Mommy

"Can I kiss your foot?"


Modern Twist Baby Foot Kisses

"Can I kiss your foot?"

We just couldn't stop it!

Carter's Baby Foot Kisses

But then.. we forgot to tell you..

Godfather Baby Foot Kisses

And now you have been offering your foot..

To greet EVERYONE you meet!

(neighbours in the lift, taxi drivers, security guards, friends, family, strangers everywhere)

Gap Baby Asking for his foot to be kissed

And they often wonder why?

Kiss my foot friend baby

Baby, it's really funny!

But though we cherish all those moments..

Daddy kiss my chubby foot

We are now constantly whispering to you..

That your chubby feet are only for Daddy and Mommy to kiss :)

Loving you so much,
Daddy and Mommy


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