Thursday, December 7, 2017

Letter No. 31 - Despite Everything

Dear Lance,

Mommy is temporarily unwell..

Trick Eye Museum Big Fish Singapore

But people often ask me..

"How do you stay happy despite everything?"

Toddler Activities Water Play Balcony

How do I.. ?

You see.. I love you so much.

Toddler Tennis Racket and Ball

When I was sad.. 

You felt it.. You knew.

Toddler Little Tikes Red Yellow Car

You would wipe my tears..

That's Not My Tiger

And you would suddenly dance to cheer me up.

Lance Happy with Grandma
With Gua-Ma

I love you so much..

And I wanted you to stop seeing me sad..

Toddler happy with Ikea dollhouse and jeep

Because despite everything that happened..

I still have you.

Lance at Smiggle Store Singapore

And you..

You are my everything.

Toddler Activities Water Play Balcony Foam Letters

You deserve a happy Mommy..

Starry Starry Night Trick Eye Museum Singapore

And that's what I will always strive to be.



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  1. Love love love it ... Send me that angel to me ... I wish sooo much to be able to afford a trip and visit you and just hug you !!! Cheer up my friend !