Saturday, August 9, 2014

Medieval Old Town of Tallinn

Estonia was never in my priority list of places to go to... until I walked on the streets of Tallinn's Old Town. The charms of this medieval UNESCO World Heritage site brought me back to the 13th century, and made me feel like I was exploring King's Landing! ... of Game of Thrones ;)

We only spent 12 hours here, though I really wish we have stayed for at least a day more, because half a day was not enough to experience and absorb this very enchanting Hanseatic city.

Here are some of the charming scenes... :)

Kohvieri Old Town Tallinn Estonia

Just a dainty Coffee and Tea Shop.

Three Sisters Hotel Tallinn

Hotel Kolm Öde / The Three Sisters Hotel

These were merchant houses built in 1362, and renovated and joint to become a hotel in 2003.

Just like real sisters, one was chubby, one was sexy, and one was too skinny! :)

Fat Margaret Tallinn Estonia

The Great Coastal Gate and Fat Margaret's Tower

Built not just to defend the city, but also to impress visitors.

Fat Margaret may have been named after the cook who once worked there.

Old Town Tallinn Estonia

City walls with colourful windows and doors.

Old Town Tallinn Estonia

Loved strolling along these streets.

Old Town Tallinn Estonia

School children.. in pairs and holding hands! :)

Black Heads Tallinn Estonia

House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads

The only surviving Renaissance building in Tallinn, and famous for its eye-catching doors.

No, not blackheads. But, Black Heads! haha :D

Black Heads Tallinn Estonia

That famous door. 

Sneaky.. and it was open! But all I could see was another wooden door.

Old Town Tallinn Estonia


Chocolaterie Pierre Tallinn Estonia

Hidden courtyards.. my favourite!! :)

Here we found art shops and The Pierre Chocolaterie, where we warmed up with hot chocolate.

Draakoni Gallery Tallinn Estonia

Draakoni Gallery / House on Pikk 18

An Egyptian themed building.

Vana Toomas Tour Train

Vana Toomas, the tour train.

Raekoja Plats Town Hall Square

Raekoja Plats / Town Hall Square

During summer, outdoor cafes, concerts, and fairs, are set up here.

In December, it is transformed into a Christmas market.

Game of Thrones Estonia

That moment I thought I was in Game of Thrones! :D

Tallinn Town Hall Estonia

The Tallinn Town Hall

The oldest town hall in the whole Baltic region and Scandinavia.

Olde Hansa Restaurant Tallinn

Olde Hansa

That medieval themed restaurant I highly recommend!

Olde Hansa Restaurant Tallinn

The costumes, the music, the ambiance, even the bathroom... brought us to the past.

Olde Hansa Restaurant Tallinn

The food, the service, the experience, the fun... really worth it!

St. Nicholas' Church Tallinn

St. Nicholas' Church

It now houses a branch of the Art Museum of Estonia, and is also used as a concert hall.

Can you see that booth in front? A woman in medieval costume is there, selling candied nuts.

St. Nicholas' Church Tallinn

Why I love the Old Town.. How random can they be?

Right beside the 13th century St. Nicholas' Church, a building sprouts.. in purple!

Toompea Hill Tallinn Estonia

On the way to Toompea Hill.

That wooden stretch on top of the wall? Is a cafe!

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Estonia

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Built during the Russian Empire, in Russian Revival architecture.

Toompea Hill Tallinn Estonia

Batman's house... Just kidding!! :)

I honestly can't remember what this is, but I really like it.

Old Town Tallinn Estonia

A wine store. And another booth with a lady in costume selling candied nuts.

Dome Church Old Town Tallinn

Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin / Dome Church

Old Town Tallinn Estonia

As seen from one of the viewing points at the Toompea Hill.

Old Town Tallinn Estonia

And one last look at the enchanting Old Town of Tallinn :)

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  1. Great post! What an awesome place. I went in May. I just posted about it too!

    1. Hi Amy! Thank you :) Nice post on Ill Draakon! It was cool to see what was inside because we only saw it from the outside!

  2. Excellent! I've heard so many good things about Tallinn that we are devoting nearly 3 days to it as part of our Baltic road trip next month. :-)

    1. Thank you Joy! Wow.. good for you! I'm sure you'll like it and have fun! :) Nice blog you've got by the way :D Cheers!

  3. Thank you very much. it is a nice. you walked really on 13th century street. i love pictures they are nice.

    1. I'm glad you love the pictures :) Thank you very much! I hope you could walk on those streets too.. You'd love them!

  4. Hi Jamie

    I was googling for things to do in Finland and chance upon your blog. Very informative and useful. May I know if you stay a night in Estonia? If not what time did you leave the ferry terminal for Helsinki? Also are taxis easily available in Helsinki ferry terminal? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Thank you :) We didn't stay a night in Estonia. We left Helsinki at 7:30am and left Tallinn at 10:30pm. Yes, there were a lot of taxis waiting for passengers when we arrived at the Helsinki ferry terminal. Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip! :)


    2. Thanks for your prompt reply. You mentioned you stayed in the airport hotel in Helsinki, is the ferry terminal far away from the airport? Can you remember the Travelling time? Thanks much

    3. You're welcome :) the ferry terminal is around 35-40 minutes away from the airport, if I remember it right.

    4. Thanks for the info. Lastly, are the places you went to near the ferry terminal. Sorry for loading you with endless questions.

    5. No worries, Carolyn :) Yes, the Old Town is near the ferry terminal. It's just walking distance, And once you're inside, you can just walk around the whole town.

  5. Thanks Jamie. We are still planning our trip and I am sure I will have lots more questions for you... oops..

  6. Hi Jamie, it's me again, I have more questions for you. Would it be convenient for me to liaise with you via email instead. Pls contact me at if ok with you. Thanks much.