Friday, January 9, 2015

Tasmania, Australia - East Coast Road Trip Itinerary

Tasmania, Australia.. if you like nature, turquoise beaches, colourful boulders, unique rock formations, and fresh raspberries in a bucket.. :)

To make this group trip successful, I imposed 2 "rules."

1. Small Luggage - Each person was allowed to bring only 1 "cabin" luggage. Sounds simple? No, it was a challenge for a 9-day trip. But it made it easier for us to load and unload, and not overload our mini van good for 8. 

2. Pre-assigned Roommates - A change in roommate for every change in accommodation, my husband and i, included. This allowed everyone to bond and become really good friends, and avoided any small group formations and conflicts.

It worked, and all 8 of us had a great time! :)


Flight - Singapore to Melbourne to Hobart - Qantas Airways

Day 1 - Hobart

Car Rental - Collect from Hobart Airport - Avis Rent A Car

Day 2 - Hobart to Tasman Peninsula - 1.5 Hours

Accommodation - Abs by the Bay - 2 Nights

Day 3 - Tasman Peninsula

Accommodation - Abs by the Bay - 2 Nights

Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania
Port Arthur Historic Site

Day 4 - Tasman Peninsula to Coles Bay to Chain of Lagoons - 3.5 Hours

Accommodation - Santosha at Little Beach - 2 Nights

Honeymoon Bay, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania
Honeymoon Bay, Freycinet National Park

Day 5 - Chain of Lagoons to Bay of Fires - 1 Hour + Another 1 Hour back

Accommodation - Santosha at Little Beach - 2 Nights

Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia
Bay of Fires

Day 6 - Chain of Lagoons to Cradle Mountain - 3.5 Hours

Accommodation - Cradle Mountain Highlanders Cottages - 2 Nights

Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
Dove Lake

Day 7 - Cradle Mountain

Accommodation - Cradle Mountain Highlanders Cottages - 2 Nights

Crater Lake, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
Crater Lake

Day 8 - Cradle Mountain to Launceston - 2 Hours

Accommodation - Ashton Gate Guest House - 1 Night

Day 9 - Launceston

Car Rental - Return at Launceston Airport

Flight - Launceston to Melbourne to Singapore - Qantas Airways

Cataract Gorge, Launceston, Tasmania
Cataract Gorge 

Enjoy planning your trip guys! :)


Our Budget for 9 Days Per Person with shared rooms and car
Plane Fare from Singapore - SGD 1,150
Car Rental and Gas - SGD 255
Accommodations - SGD 680
Food - SGD 310
Activities - SGD 205
(Tasman Island Cruise, Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmanian Devil Conservatory, and Cradle Mountain Pass)
Total for Per Person = SGD 2,600 / USD 2,000


  1. nice pictures and very nice information you have collected.

    1. Thank you Rajesh! I hope you could visit these places someday :)

  2. such a nice place and for visit this place you have not forget this moment in Tasmania.

    1. Hello Rekha.. it really is a nice place.. I hope you get the chance to visit Tasmania.. or if you have already, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :) It is beautiful!

      Have a lovely evening!

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    1. Thank you for your kinds words, Shedy :) Enjoy your travels!

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  6. Thanks so much for sharing your itinerary! This will definitely help me plan our trip, but it also makes me feel like I need to extend our trip by about two weeks haha. Also available on Budget accommodation in New Zealand.

  7. Great Share!!

    There is no doubt that Australia is a worth-seeing country which is known for its natural beauty. Sydney Opera House was the first place which I visited when I had gone to Australia couple of years back and now permanently settled over there.

    Its beauty, comfort and luxurious hotels had lured me completely that couldn't leave this beautiful country ever.

    Keep posting!

    1. Thank you, Marlyn! Lucky you.. you're now living in that beautiful country! :) We could only wish for now.. but maybe someday, destiny would bring us to settle there as well :) Cheers!

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  9. Hi. I m planning to go during this Dec Xmas period n i wonder how the weather like?

  10. It seems that you had an awesome experience here at Tasmania, Australia! The pics are just beautiful and seems to be in a peaceful atmosphere.
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  11. Hi Jamie, thanks for sharing! Love your itinerary! Would you mind to share the full tertiary for your Tasmania trip? Will be heading there June this coming year. Are the roads steep and dark to drive there? I'm a noob driver. =.='' Is there any special place there you love the most? Your post was the best i have seen so far. Neat and organised.

    1. Hi Christine, I'm glad my post was helpful, and thank you! :) I'm sorry, I don't really keep a full itinerary of our trips. It was a not a packed trip.. so aside from the places captioned in the pictures, the only ones I remember we visited were Salamanca Market and Constitution Dock in Hobart, Wineglass Bay in Freycinet/Coles Bay, and the city center of Launceston. The roads were not steep, from what I remember. The outskirts were dark at night, but we always drove long distance during the day. I love the Bay of Fires the most.. You should not miss that :)

      Hope this helps a bit! Enjoy your holiday Christine! :)

    2. Thank you Jamie! Bay of Fires ok! =D Will not miss that. Haha

  12. Hello, the photos are beautiful. which car rental company did you used?

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  14. Hi... Beautiful pictures.
    Tasmania adventure sounds great! Tasmania has many travel opportunities that you cannot decide which ones to choose. Campervan hire

  15. Nice work Jamie,between new zealamd and tasmania, whicb will u prefer?

  16. Hi Jamie... I'm planning a 5-day trip to Tazmania after a few days in Melbourne and then back to Melbourne again after Tazmania before heading back SG. Just would like to get your recommendation of those "must-visit" places for the 5-day trip.

    1. Hi Wee Keong, my personal favourites are Freycinet National Park (Honeymoon Bay, Wineglass Bay, etc) and Bay of Fires. A lot of people recommend the Cradle Mountain area, though it wasn't my favourite because I am not so much into hiking.