Thursday, September 4, 2014

Reindeer Sleigh Ride in the Woods

Oh, the reindeer is real! 
I always thought that since Santa Claus wasn't real, his pets were also just imaginary :P

While at the Arctic Circle in Finland, we kept ourselves busy during daytime because waiting for the Northern Lights only happened at night. There were so many things to do although a little bit pricey, and most of the hotels offer these activities.

The Reindeer Sleigh Ride was one, and it made me feel like a child at Christmas!

So let me take you on that freeeezing 2 hour journey... but I promise to make it short ;)

Reindeer Arctic Circle Finland

Here we are.. at a Sami reindeer herder's farm..

Reindeer Finnish Lapland

It feels strange because for the past few days, we have been eating reindeer meat. And now, this reindeer is not happy to see us.

Sami Reindeer Herder Finland

Time for instructions.. the Sami is showing us how to enjoy the ride.

The Sami people are the indigenous people living in some of the Arctic areas of the Scandinavia.

Reindeer Sled Finland

Getting comfortable in our sled.

Reindeer Sleigh Ride Finland

The Sami is coming to cover us with our blanket.. which is actually a big patch of reindeer skin.

Winter Activities Finland

Into the woods we go.

Winter Activities Arctic Circle

There is only one guide, and he is in the first sled. 

All the reindeer sleds behind are tied to each other, and the reindeer just go with the flow as the ropes pull them.

Arctic Circle Reindeer Sled

All we have to do is to sit back and relax.. if we can.. because it is ssooooo cold! 

Reindeer Sleigh Finnish Lapland

It is raining ice.. or I think they call it freezing rain.

And the blanket is just not enough.. because the wind is blowing, especially on my face!

Reindeer Sleigh Finland

But even though I am shivering.. I still feel like I am in a Fairy Tale!!! :)

Reindeer Sled Arctic Circle

This is the last reindeer sled of the pact..

Reindeer Finnish Lapland

..and this guy keeps trying to overtake our sled!

Finally back at the farm..

Reindeer Arctic Circle

For doing a great job.. I am thanking our reindeer with some petting and moss (food).

Northern Lights Activities Finland

And with that smile, I think he's saying.. "you're welcome!" ;)

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On a Reindeer Trek - 2 Hours for EUR 107 Per Person
Booked through our resort in February 2014 - Kiilopaa Fell Center -

Full Trip Itinerary and Budget - Finland and Estonia - Northern Lights Itinerary

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