Thursday, October 23, 2014

Husky Dog Sledding in Finland

After spending some time reflecting on my adventures..

I realized that the Husky Sleigh Ride in Inari, Finland was the second most amazing travel experience I've ever had. 

(The first? click here ;))

It was not in my Bucket List, but go add it in yours! 
It doesn't have to be in Finland.. You can do it in Sweden, Norway, Canada, Alaska, etc.. But do it! :D

Lake Inari, Finnish Lapland

In the Finnish Lapland, they often call it Husky Safari..

Tours are readily available with most of the hotels..
But it would be better to book them in advance because, first, the dogs are limited, and second, the sleds have to be prepared.

Lake Inari, Finnish Lapland

They picked us up..

And now we are here at the farm.. By the frozen Lake Inari..

Husky Sled, Finland

Walking through the woods... And wow!!!

There they are! All ready and waiting for us!

Thought I'd only see this in the movies!

Husky Sled, Finland

In pairs, we choose our sleds.. 

It has 5 to 6 huskies each.. with different genders because they have to mix and match the alphas..

Husky Sleigh Ride, Finland

Showing us how it's done..

One person has to stand and step on, and control the brakes from behind, while the other..
sits comfortably under the warm reindeer skin blanket ;) 

Husky Sled, Finland

We are ready.. and the huskies can no longer wait to have fun!

The guide starts to release the dogs.. while we continue to step firmly on the brakes until our cue..

Husky Dog Sledding in the Finnish Lapland

Following the guides on the snowmobile..

One sled at a time, we release our brakes to let the dogs run and form a single row..

Husky Sled, Arctic Circle

The dogs are well trained.. they follow a path.. and they know that they have to follow the snowmobile or sled in front..

Husky Sled, Arctic Circle

But stop!!

The husky looks behind and asks why.. are we stopping?! ;)

Husky Sled, Arctic Circle

Everyone stops..

The guides have to fix some of the dogs or sleds.. put them back on track.. run back and forth.. untangle ropes.. check each one..

There are 10 of us.. 5 sleds.. and at least 26 dogs!

It is not an easy task for the guides to be handling so many animals all at the same time..

Husky Sled, Arctic Circle

We are all waiting.. and waiting.. and it's getting really cold..

Our dogs are starting to get bored.. restless.. and horny!!

Our dogs just started mating!!

They cannot be stopped..

So now we have to wait again.. and no.. I am not joking!

Husky Sled, Arctic Circle

And finally!! 

Off we go!!

Husky Sled, Arctic Circle

I can't describe the feeling properly anymore..

Cold.. exciting.. amazing.. overwhelming.. !!

Husky Sled, Arctic Circle

Sitting comfortably, I am hanging on to our camera and waiting for these moments..

Husky Sled, Arctic Circle

Too many nice moments though! :D

The huskies are doing what they love.. running.. really fast!

Husky Sled, Arctic Circle

Feels like I'm just dreaming.. 

Husky Sled on Lake Inari, Finland

Riding towards the very beautiful setting sun..

Husky Sled on Lake Inari, Finland

Crossing the vast snow-covered frozen lake..

Husky Sled on Lake Inari, Finland

Whooooppss! Their dogs just went off the track.. haha! :)

The guide is pulling them back..

Husky Sled on Lake Inari, Finland

Back on the path now..

Husky Sled on Lake Inari, Finland

The guides are checking all the sleds again..

And we.. are as happy as the huskies!! Haha!! :D

Husky Sled on Lake Inari, Finland

Our fairy tale adventure continues..

Husky Sled on Lake Inari, Finland

Feels like heaven.. and loving every moment of it!!

Husky Sled on Lake Inari, Finland

And here we are.. It's over :(

Husky Sled on Lake Inari, Finland

Thanking the huskies for the great job they have done! :)

Husky Sled on Lake Inari, Finland

They are tired now.. and heading back to their houses..

Squirrel on a Tree, Finland

A squirrel is curiously watching..

Huskies, Arctic Circle


And getting their reward - some Reindeer bones!

Window Frost, Arctic Circle

Just a window frost on the way..

Arctic Circle

To the teepee where everyone has gathered for some hot lingonberry juice..

Fireplace, Arctic Circle

Sharing stories, keeping warm, grilling sausages..

Winter in the Arctic Circle

And getting dirty eating those blackened meat.. 

But I still can't get over that husky sleigh ride! :)


Full Trip Itinerary and Budget - Finland and Estonia - Northern Lights Itinerary

Husky Safari - 2 Hours for EUR 190 Per Person
Booked through our hotel in February 2014 - Hotel Inari -


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    1. Hi Jean, thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! :) I hope someday I can do the same in Montreal :)