Saturday, January 31, 2015

Flamingos and Llamas

Forgive me if I have been lagging in my blog updates as I am currently working on a travel magazine article..

For now.. And by now, you would have already noticed how much I love animals.. :)

Here are my favourite animal moments from the Uyuni Tour in Bolivia!

Pink and White Flamingos at Laguna Hedionda, Uyuni Tour, Bolivia

Watching the pink and white Flamingos at the Laguna Hedionda (in English, Stinking Lake).. and loving the fact that they are Wild and in their natural habitat..

Llama Giving Birth in Uyuni, Bolivia

Wishing I walked faster to see this herd.. that Llama just gave birth a few seconds before I arrived at this spot.. and look closely, that's the baby Llama beside its mama :)


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