Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lovely Town of Porvoo, Finland :)

Recommended by my Finnish friend who grew up in this quaint medieval town..

Porvoo is just an hour away by public bus from Helsinki, Finland..

We spent half a day in this very lovely town, and I am glad we listened to Maria :)

Holm House, Porvoo, Finland

It was 6 am when our flight arrived in Helsinki, and our hotel rooms were not ready yet..

Porvoo, Finland

So we dressed up at the lobby, left our luggages with the concierge.. and off to Porvoo!

Porvoo, Finland

It was the first time for some of us to touch snow.. and that was serious happiness! :)

Porvoo Cathedral, Finland

We didn't really research on where to go.. so we just walked and walked and walked..

Porvoo Cathedral, Finland

The old buildings were so cute and colourful.. and that wedding truck was driving in..

Porvoo Cathedral, Finland

To the compound of the 14th century Porvoo Cathedral.. where a traditional wedding was going on..

Wedding Car in Porvoo, Finland

Though I am not sure if this is really considered their traditional wedding car ;)

Red Houses in Porvoo, Finland

I assume these are houses.. or maybe barns?! 

Well, anyway.. they are red and yellow, and pretty! That's all that matters! Haha :)

Red Houses and a Street in Porvoo, Finland

And there was something about this street.. I think it was the most photographed? in the town?

Oh gosh.. forgive my memory.. but there was a painting of this street right on the wall with some information on it..

Winter in Porvoo Cathedral, Finland

Exactly a year ago.. Winter in February..

Holm House in Porvoo, Finland

Isn't this such a beauty?!

The Holm House and its yard.. where they host seasonal exhibitions of how a wealthy Porvoo merchant family lived in the 18th century..

Old Town Shopping in Porvoo, Finland

Old cobblestone streets..

Old Town Shopping in Porvoo, Finland

Lovely, lovely shopping areas..

Old Town Shopping in Porvoo, Finland

Eye candy shop windows.. :)

Brunberg Chocolates in Porvoo, Finland

And Brunberg Chocolates! Where you can eat all the chocolates samples that you can!

Ahhh yes, I tried all the flavours, and ate more of my favorites.. to the point of almost getting a sore throat :P

A must in Porvoo.. and the cause of my heavy luggage!

Cafe Fanny in Porvoo, Finland

 Just another cute little cafe.. with a name.. maybe they should change ;)

Or maybe they really knew what it meant!

Old Town Shopping in Porvoo, Finland

More pretty old town shopping districts..

Old Town of Porvoo, Finland

Old Town Hall of Porvoo, Finland

And a Mentos candy!

Just kidding.. that's the old Town Hall :)

Winter Backyard in Porvoo, Finland

Somebody's backyard I wanted to steal ;)

Winter Fishing at the Porvoo River, Finland

Men.. Ice.. Fishing..

Winter Fishing at the Porvoo River, Finland

At the frozen Porvoo River..

Red Shore Houses on the Porvoo River, Finland

And the symbol of the medieval town.. Buildings used to store imported exotic delicacies and merchandise..

Red Shore Houses on the Porvoo River, Finland

The very lovely red shore houses by the Porvoo River..

Winter in Porvoo, Finland

So please.. go and get lost in Porvoo.. and you'll be as happy as these! ;)


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  1. Very interesting report! Thanks a lot!

    1. Thank you Olga! I'm glad you found it interesting :)

  2. Lovely pictures! My dad is from porvoo, so I spend a lot of time there, It's a lovely place, specally in the summer when it's so beautiful!

    Have a lovely monday!

    1. Thank you Stina! Wow.. Porvoo is already gorgeous in the winter.. I wish I could see it in the summer! You are lucky to be able to spend a lot of time there.. it's really lovely! :) I wish we had more time there.. And oh.. summer is coming soon.. Have fun in Porvoo again!

      And have a beautiful Wednesday! :)