Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fez and The Leather Tanneries, Morocco

So exotic.. 

Fez, Morocco opened my eyes..

Old Medina, Fez, Morocco

To a world so different..

Sunset at the Old Medina, Fez, Morocco

Like being in a movie..

Transportation, Donkey, Fez, Morocco

Back in time where donkeys still transported goods..

Bread, Fez, Morocco

And breads (we ate!).. were stacked and carried this way :o

Old Medina, Fez, Morocco

Where car-free narrow streets of the old medina made me lug my luggage around..

Old Medina, Fez, Morocco

And stressed me as I pushed my way through markets and crowds..

Dar Gnaoua, Fez, Morocco

To get into our haven of a beautiful riad.. called Dar Gnaoua..

A traditional Moroccan house with a garden or courtyard..

Dar Gnaoua, Old Medina, Fez, Morocco

And a roof deck overlooking the old walled quarters..

Royal Palace, Fez, Morocco

But tourists.. Ahh.. Snaps us back into reality at the Royal Palace..

Borj Sud, View of Old Medina, Fez, Morocco

And the fortress at Borj Sud..

Old Medina, Fez, Morocco

Overlooking the old medina..

Craftsmen and Pottery, Fez, Morocco

And again.. Tourists (like us).. Disturb handsome craftsmen at work..

Artisans and Pottery, Fez, Morocco

Painting pretty traditional tajine pots..

Pottery, Fez, Morocco

And creating handmade potteries..

The Blue Gate, Fez, Morocco

Back to our unrealistic life.. Through the famous Blue Gate of the old medina..

Tanneries, Fez, Morocco

Many more steps.. And here..

Where life before Prada was conceived.. The leather tanneries..

Tanneries, Fez, Morocco

Where skins of dead animals were treated and dyed.. So stinky and smelly..

Those leather purses and jackets didn't come from glamorous pasts after all ;)

Tanneries, Fez, Morocco

Needed some fresh Fez air..

That sprig of Mint leaf made me breathe ;)


Before Fez, we were in Casablanca, Morocco

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