Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Letter No. 4 - Kisses

Dear Lance,

Your sloppy kisses are my favourite right now..

Baby Lance Giving Mommy A Kiss

And they are the reason why mommy has been sleeping a lot..

(Pretending to be.. Because randomly closing my eyes doesn't work)

Baby Lance Trying to Wake Mommy Up

Because when you see me sleeping..

You would always try to wake me up..

Baby Lance Trying to Wake Mommy Up

You'd make a sound.. Grab my face.. And smother me with your sloppy kisses..

Like you're telling me..

"Mommy, wake up.. I lovalovalove you.."

Baby Lance Kissing Mommy
Good Night Kisses are Sloppy, too :)

And you would not stop until I drown in your drool and open my eyes!

I just want to squeeze you, baby! :)

Love you so much,


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