Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Letter No. 20 - First Haircut.. Second Haircut..

Dear Lance,

I miss your original hairstyle..

Baby Lance Waiting for First Haircut by Mommy
Lance at 12 Months

I loved it.. and I never wanted to cut it!

But at some point, I had to.. because your hair was already tickling your ears.. you kept scratching :(

Then I thought.. maybe it was time for Mommy to discover her talent in baby hairstyling..

Baby Lance First haircut

Which apparently, never existed :)

Sweetheart.. I'm sorry your first haircut didn't come out the way I envisioned it to be..

But you should know that I secretly loved it crooked and funny.. It was so cute to me!


Baby Lance Waiting for Second Haircut by Mommy
Lance at 14 Months

2 months after.. 

You're back sitting on your high chair at the balcony..

And Mommy is still doing her on-the-job training as your hairstylist.

Baby's funny haircut

Well.. it seems like you'd have to bear with me and your haircuts a little longer, Lance..

Because I am enjoying this.. and I'm not ready to hand you over to the experts! :)

Daddy and Baby at Botanical Gardens

Don't worry.. funny or perfect hairstyle..

You are still as adorable.. and I am still as crazy over you!


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