Monday, May 15, 2017

Impromptu Europe - Happy Birthday Bea!

It was a very very wonderful trip!!
Met a lot of people..
Met new friends..
Missed the bus..
Missed the bus again..
Slept in a sailboat..
Slept in a hostel..
Park Guell Barcelona
Park Guell, Barcelona

Screamed at Las Ramblas in Barcelona..
Got a tan from the Hop On Hop Off tour bus in Lisbon..
Ate cheap Tapas beside an old woman who drank 5 glasses of Beer for breakfast in Salamanca..
Salamanca? Salamanca. Salamanca?! Salamanca!

Stranded.. Knocked at a sleeping Hostel late at night in Santander..
Ate the best Tapas and Churros Con Chocolate in Bilbao!!
Lazed at a Chinese Restaurant for a whole day in Girona..
Swam in the nice and cold beaches in Cagliari..
Ate ice cream while sitting at the fortress in Alghero..

Belem Tower, Lisbon
Belem Tower, Lisbon
Great friends.. Lots of food.. Funny adventures.. Funnier misadventures.. Cool weather..
Less our very heavy handcarried bags..
Perfect! :)
While sitting at the fortress in Alghero..
"I wish everyday life was like this.. Eating Ice Cream.."
"Hahahahaha.. just eating ice cream??"
"No!! I'm not finished with my sentence!!" :))

Happy Birthday, Bea!!
Next time, we will have babies in tow! :)

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