Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Radiation Ends

It is surreal..

Dinner at Gerry's Grill, Singapore
Thank you Almira :)

We are back to celebrating life.. more than ever!

Thank you Lord.. 

For always being there through the love of our family and friends :)


I laid down on the hard radiation therapy bed one last time..

Staring into space..

Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy Ends

Is it really over?

2 minutes.. 1 minute..

NUH Radiation Therapists
Jian Yong, Espi, and Hui Leng

"Jamie.. you're done."

NUH Radiation Therapists
Cheng Shun and Wendy

It is.. over!! :)

*To my radiation therapists:

Jian Yong, Espi, Hui Leng, Cheng Shun, and Wendy,

You are amongst the nicest people I have met in the hospital.

Thank you for taking good care of me everyday for the last 6 weeks.*


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