Friday, September 21, 2018

What NOT to Say to Someone Losing Hair

Due to cancer treatments or chemotherapy..

What not to say to someone losing hair due to cancer

"IT'S JUST HAIR. Don't worry, it will grow back"

"I understand."

No, you don't understand.

Most people think the pain of hair loss is caused by vanity.. probably 30% right.

But the truth is, it is as emotionally painful as when the doctor tells you your cells are malignant.

That's why people breakdown, once again, when that time comes.

Because seeing your hair drop realises the whole situation.. That indeed, you have cancer.


I could go on with my life everyday feeling great and fine..

But the moment I passed my a mirror or a glass window.. And believe me, they're everywhere!

I would get reminded that I was sick.. Because I SEE it.


So the next time you have to deal with a loved one..
(Though I hope you wouldn't have to)


A hug will do..
(Or a virtual "hugs" online)

Or say, if you mean it.. "I love you."

Because saying..
"You're beautiful even without hair" Does NOT help..

Advise him or her where to buy beautiful scarves, hats, and wigs instead..

Or even better.. gift one to him or her.

Or if you're awesome like my family and friends.. throw him or her a Hair Shower Party!


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