Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Letter No. 11 - Books

Dear Lance,

My fish with the deep sea smile.. 
My very busy spider.. 
My handsome boy of mine..

Baby reading a book

Do you know that mommy and daddy started reading to you..

Baby reading a book

When you were around 2 months old?

Baby reading a book

Mommy always reads to you when daddy is not around..

Baby reading a book

And daddy always reads to you even when he is exhausted from work..

Because we love watching you enjoy it!

Do you know that you laughed your first laugh while reading the book..

Monkey See Monkey Zoo?

It started when mommy yawned like the Hippopotamus..  
And continued at you leaping like a Tiger :)

Baby reading a book

Do you know that whenever mommy and daddy call you, and you wouldn't come to us because you are busy playing with things you are not supposed to play with..

Baby reading a book

All we have to do is to open a book and start reading? 

Yes.. that is how we make you come crawling back to us! :)

Baby reading a book

And also how we make you open your mouth during feeding time, stay still during diaper change, and do things you don't like..

That is why we have books all over the house!

Baby reading a book

I love you so much my little bookworm!

I hope you will never lose your love for reading as you grow up :)



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