Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Letter No. 12 - Window

Dear Lance,

The leaves.. The birds.. The sun.. The rain..

Baby in carter's
5 Months

The buildings.. The workers.. The lifts.. The crane..

Baby with playgro elephant wearing carter's
6 Months

Light up your eyes with so much wonder..

You squeal with delight.. A yellow hat.. It's "Bob the builder"..

Baby by the window wearing carter's
7 Months

No TV for you.. No gadgets, too.. Not yet..

My baby.. The window shows, for now.. You get..

Baby by the window wearing carter's
9 Months

You lick the glass.. Sometimes, I let it pass..

You stare.. I sing.. You grin, my darling..

Baby by the window wearing mothercare pyjamas
10 Months

"Wind wind.. Blow blow blow.. Little Lance.. Wants a show.."

"Dance dance.. Green leaves dance.. Dance for happy little Lance.."

Baby by the window wearing carter's
11 Months

A prayer I say.. Each time I gaze..

At you, my blessing.. In my embrace..

I love you so much.



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