Saturday, February 11, 2017

Letter No. 13 - Pineapples and a Baby

Dear Lance,

A year ago today..

Maternity Shoot with Jessie Villegas of Capturing Smiles Photography
Photography by Jessie Villegas

While you were in Mommy's tummy enjoying your stay..
Angkong, Daddy, and Mommy went to a Korean buffet..

Newborn baby with Daddy
5 days old with Daddy

Don't eat pineapples, that's what they say..
They will tickle your baby to come out and play..

Grandpa with Grandson
7 weeks old with Angkong (Grandpa)

I ate the pineapples at the Korean buffet..
You wiggled and wriggled on the very next day..

Baby with dimples
9 weeks old

Out of Mommy, you were on your way..
Thank God, your birthday didn't fall on Valentine's day..

Baby with Monkey See Book
14 weeks old

Hi Mommy, I'm here.. Are you okay?

Baby in a Zipadee Zip Wearable Blanket
16 weeks old

Of course, my darling, I just cannot believe..
You will be a year old tomorrow, that's a day from today..

Happy Baby in Mothercare
19 weeks old

Come snuggle with me baby, it is time to pray..
Let us thank the Lord, He made you perfect His way.

Baby in Carters at the Slide
51 weeks old at the playground

I love you so much, Lance Oliver!



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